Why TAP?

We are in the business of building better humans both in body and mind. Whether your goal is to lose the extra pounds or hit the competition floor we are here to help get your body and your mind on the path to success through…


Fitness shouldn’t be spinning your wheels. TAP provides customized programming that aligns with each individual’s fitness abilities and goals. Regardless if you’re a beginner or seasoned athlete, training for a competition or tailoring your birthday suit, every day will challenge you and move you toward your goals.


TAP is committed to your health and moving you forward toward success, which is why safety is a top priority. We believe in doing things the right way, using proper techniques to minimize risk of injury and maximize results. These proper techniques come from a knowledgeable, passionate coach.


There is nothing quite like having fun while pushing yourself on the road to achieving your goals. The TAP community is full of approachable members eager to laugh, sweat and (sometimes) bleed together. Together we elevate each other.


You determine the goal.
TAP provides the tools and support to get you there.


The Team


Tom Petekavich

I have a few loves in my life and they are hiking, dogs, my family, and TAP into Fitness Nutrition. Coaching and training allows me to do what I truly love each and every day and helps me to blur the line between my passion and doing the work we do here every day.

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Sydney Welch

To become the best version of who I was created to be, that is my mission in life. My passion is to challenge, inspire, and help others to do the same. Each day is an opportunity to chase a life of excellence, to become not only fitter, mentally and physically, but to become better people.

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The Space

At TAP, we have over 2,522 sq. ft. of gym space and plenty of equipment to do a variety of workouts. We also have a kid’s play room, in addition to both men’s and women’s restrooms complete with showers and stalls.


Build a better you