Deb W.


Tom focuses on the whole person, not just a specific injury area or one area of the body. He takes a holistic approach to one’s overall health, physical condition, nutritional state. Some of the information was hard to hear, but Tom has a person’s optimum health and fitness in mind,which is one of the best things about his training.

I had meniscus tear of left knee, which had been surgically repaired, with prognosis of needing a total knee replacement. Surgical intervention discovered Grade 2-3 arthritis behind the knee cap, and I was told only knee replacement would improve the knee function. My knee condition has not changed but the muscles are stronger and I have more stability in the knee.

My overall strength has improved dramatically. I have lost weight and improved my overall health and stamina for everyday activities, working, and able to participate fully in many activities.

Fitness is a multi-faceted approach to a person’s well being. Tom helps you understand the physical, mental, spiritual, nutritional aspects of being healthy. His approach is one of detailed instruction, encouragement, positive reinforcement, and highly skilled in his own knowledge and abilities. The results will be positive in every way.

Tom works well with all ages, and his new training facility provides a comfortable, safe environment for learning, training and achieving results.



Before TAP, I was having trouble knowing what to do when I was at the gym. I had attended a few yoga classes but wanted more help.

When I joined TAP, we made a plan, together, of what my goals were and how to achieve them. 

I am not afraid of injuries because Tom has taught me the correct ways of doing the movements and watches that I am doing them correctly. Also he periodically accesses my progress and adds exercises and stretches he feels necessary to continue my improvement. I have learned about the importance of nutrition and seen the results of following his suggestions. 

Joining TAP is a well spent investment. I have been able to increase my strength and endurance and I am healthier thanks to excellent combination of nutrition and cross training. Tom is an excellent coach. 

I feel extremely blessed to have found Tom and would highly recommend TAP.


Nate W.

I was out of shape, stressed, and at the end of a long work day, lacked energy. I tried P90X, and working out on my own but with very little results and very little consistency.

Starting personal training with Tom, changed my life.  His knowledge of functional movement, weight training, and nutrition, and how to integrate those into a lifestyle change, is beyond what I could have imagined.  
Tom has a plan, not just for fitness but for wellness.  He has extensive experience in how to make me stronger, conditioned, and motivated.  Tom also has a great gym with everything I need to achieve my goals.

Don’t wait any longer!  Training with Tom is the best value for your money in regards to your health.  You can’t do this on your own.  You need an expert guide, coach, and community to support, teach, and encourage you along the way.

I have been training with Tom for 4 years now and can tell you he is a man of impeccable character.  So much so, that my wife is his client and also my mother and father.  No matter if you are a seasoned athlete looking for a more competitive edge, or a beginner looking to be the best version of you, Tom is the trainer you have been looking for!


Jeff S.

Overweight, out of shape, and my back constantly hurt.

I tried all kinds of things unsuccessfully including low carb diets, sit ups for my back, and lifting for strength. I’ve bought expensive home fitness equipment, I’ve joined fitness facilities, and I’ve tried crash diets. None have come close to the results I’ve seen since working with Tom.

After working with Tom for now 6 months, I’ve lost 14 pounds, reduced my waste size by 2 inches, and increased my chest size by 2 inches.  Most importantly, my back pain has been materially reduced.  I have never felt this good in decades.

I just plain feel better about myself which helps me in all aspects of my life including family and business relationships. I feel more energy throughout the day despite getting up early to work out. I have a renewed desire to continue to improve my overall health including not only exercise, but also better diet and eating habits.

It is through Tom’s personal one-on-one coaching that you have the best chance of seeing real progress in your overall health.  The cost of training, while not insignificant,  is now just a fixed budget item and no longer optional since the benefits are life changing.

I encourage anyone who is serious about improving overall health for the long-term to make the financial commitment and just factor it into the family monthly budget.  You’ll never regret it!